Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Local Foods - Rice Village, Houston, TX

I try to see my former coworker once a week, but we talk on the phone after work when we're too busy to meet up. The joys of science! We recently got together after work for dinner. She wanted to check out Local Foods. My former boss took everyone to a holiday meal at a nearby restaurant and the line at Local Foods was out the door. She read the reviews online and wanted to try it. Interestingly, the menu was marked with a little asterisk on the Bahn Mi sandwich that it would be made with tofu! Score! After ensuring there's no fish sauce, I ordered the tofu bahn mi without the aoili. I ordered the fresh cut potato chips with Old Bay seasoning and the plain kale (lemon and olive oil, not listed on the menu) for sides. This sandwich rocked! I will ask for extra sambal (chili-garlic sauce) next time, but it was good. It's great having (at least) two vegan options at this place!
 photo b6347e43-60fc-4995-a073-01a71f043c4c_zps7e33fa1f.jpg

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