Thursday, January 23, 2014

Collina's - The Heights, Houston, TX

When I called ahead to ask about the pizza dough, sandwich bread, and noodle ingredients at Collina's, I was told everything has eggs. Bummer, since their pizza is supposed to be quite good. The hostess said I could bring in some noodles and they'd cook them for me and add whatever I wanted. I brought a box of wheat penne, a can of northern beans (organic with low salt, they were on sale), and asked for all the veggies they had. The mushroom appetizer we ordered was made with olive oil instead of butter and we omitted the cheese, it was OK. I ate it because we had been there forever waiting to get our dinner orders taken because we had 22 people in our party. Oh well, I won't go back to this place. I'm a bit surprised they were so tolerant of the noise our group made, including one guy shouting a very obscene word. Whoops.
 photo 497f55f1-7943-4e89-b6a4-c93d0a3bd0b1_zpsa7320f03.jpg  photo 7d77bad1-0079-41ac-b2d2-bb73d8a48705_zps70b628f4.jpg

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