Monday, January 27, 2014

Bull Run Protest

Now that all of my scheduled posts are up, I have to share what I did this weekend. I organized a small protest against the Great Bull Run. This stupid event has humans running down a racetrack with bulls. Thankfully the bulls' horns are filed so no one got gored, but it's so dumb to have an event like this. The bulls don't deserve to have their horns filed just for someone to get their rocks off. I thought the event would require a permit because Animal Legal Defense Fund sent the county judge a letter about Texas Health and Safety Code section 751.003 that requires a permit for a mass gathering. The judge told me a month later that a permit was not required because less than 2500 people were expected. Um no, there were thousands of people there. The news reported 3500 people at the event. I'm disappointed that the permit hearing wasn't done and I think someone was ever deceived or willfully violating the law since the fine is pretty small. The sun was out even though the temperature wasn't very high, so I got a sunburn.
 photo 53bbe82a-ed30-49bd-96f2-acf1bde425b4_zpsc971fe69.jpg

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