Saturday, January 11, 2014

Food Gifts

I received a couple food gifts this year for xmas. My vegetarian aunt bought me a box of spices from a local shop called Savory Spice Shop. She's big on supporting local businesses and this gift was perfect for me! They make spice blends in-house. I received the curry lover package with 4 spice blends - Zanzibar curry, Thai green curry, medium yellow curry, and Tikka masala. I'm the most intrigued by the Zanzibar curry, but I'll probably use the green curry first. The other food gift that I received is hot cocoa from my mom. I complained one day that Target was sold out of the Starbucks double chocolate cocoa, the only commercially available vegan cocoa mix I can find in Houston. She must have been listening and taking notes that day, because she bought me a set of cocoa mugs and a container of the cocoa mix.
 photo 796ba524-e6d1-4a0b-8264-19fc0ae9afb4_zpsa0c157af.jpg  photo 8fc33c5c-1ae2-42bc-af08-b0dc39adf6a4_zpsb34b158a.jpg  photo a6da31b0-b1b7-47f5-a9e1-16d4b5f05237_zps860185af.jpg


  1. She must have been listening which is good, those are great and thoughtful gifts.

  2. She was totally listening! Last year, I got a Vitamix because I made a comment that my friends' homemade vegan cheeses were smoother than mine. She's the best mom! :)