Sunday, January 12, 2014

NYE Dinner at Radical Eats

The dude and I decided to go out for dinner on New Year's Eve. We didn't have a reservation or an idea of where to go, but at 4:30 he suggested Radical Eats. I had mixed feelings about going to the new Montrose location, since it used to be an all vegan business at the old location. Radical Eats still offers many vegan options and they price their brunches differently for the vegan, vegetarian, and meat-filled options. I decided to give the place a chance. I was pleasantly surprised. The service at the old location was pretty bad since it just took so long to get food! The new server staff seemed very knowledgable and helpful, the food came out at a reasonable speed, and the taste and quality of the food was better than the old location. I was really impressed with the fixed holiday menu. All of the appetizers and desserts were vegan, but you could choose a meat and fish entree. We obviously ordered the vegan entree. The appetizers were a cabbage purse filled with black-eyed peas and a shot of Thai coconut soup. The entree had mini peppers stuffed with hearts of palm, a mushroom potpie in a small jar with a flaky biscuit topping, and cauliflower "steak" with gravy. I have no idea what they put in the stuffed peppers or used to season the cauliflower, but they were incredible. The flavor in the potpie in a jar was amazing, but the filling could have been a little thicker. They had three dessert options - chipotle chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and strawberry cake. I've had the chipotle chocolate cake before, so we picked the other two options. They were both tasty, but we didn't finish them because we were full. Overall, Radical Eats really impressed me and the dude was glad to find a fancier vegan spot in Houston. We will be back for sure.
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