Sunday, January 19, 2014


OMG HOUSTON FINALLY HAS VEGAN BREAKFAST!!!!!! The new Green Vegetarian makes vegan breakfast! Again, duh, of course I had to check it out. It was mentioned at VSOP potluck, so I ended up walking in to see 8 people I know and then 2 more stopped by my table to say hi. It was awesome. Love this community. The server brought fennel biscuits for us to enjoy while my friends were having coffee with soy milk and we were scanning the menu. The little Smart Balance containers were marked 100% vegan. I got the tofu scramble rancheros with black beans, crispy fried potatoes, a couple corn tortillas, and good tofu scramble. I also ordered a single vegan pancake. It was so good! My friends ordered vegan migas and kept saying how good they were. I really need to take the dude here, since I've been on girls' night when I went. So glad to have this option in town! The only other vegan brunch is at Radical Eats and it's $18 for all-you-can-eat, so I haven't been to brunch at the new location yet.
 photo 070e770d-b7d2-4a57-9738-06c48d79c9b2_zps7dd09130.jpg  photo 79b2dbaa-47a9-496c-8b8d-de22776b44ea_zpscb880fde.jpg

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  1. Nice! We will have to come back for brunch because our dinner was fabulous. We recently went to Hugo's and I liked their vegan options. Mexicans know how to do vegetables well. :)