Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sweet Pea Cafe - Tallahassee, FL

I try to stop at the same restaurants when I go on a road trip from Houston to Tampa. Sweet Pea Cafe in Tallahassee is one of my stops. This place opened after I graduated from college, of course. I get the buffalo tofu sandwich with poutine most of the time, but on my way back to Texas I decided to try the falafel wrap with poutine. I never thought I would like fries with gravy, but poutine is awesome. We had root beer floats and a chocolate mint cookie on the way to Florida for desserts. I loved it all! I love stopping here for a bite to eat.
 photo 226fb073-ea2c-4208-ac84-904c9999873d_zpsf56b253c.jpg  photo 32aa86ce-2ccc-4a2b-a622-5631eeaab824_zpse7c6a9ff.jpg

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