Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Truly Free Bakery - Baton Rouge, LA

Truly Free Bakery in BR never ceases to amaze me. They don't use dairy, eggs, or wheat in any of their food, yet their bread is somehow amazing. Most gluten-free breads are awful, the not-so-terrible ones usually have eggs for structure. I don't know how Truly Free works their magic, but I like it! They are not entirely vegan, but most of the food is vegan. You can get turkey or bison meat in some of the dishes. This place opened after I moved out of BR, but I would have been there all the time! It's closer to my old house than Whole Foods so I would have spent so much money there! The dude and I stopped for lunch and got dinner to go, since hotel food in Alabama did not sound like a good idea. For lunch, I had the vegan wrap with tofu and he had the BBQ burger with the homemade veggie patty. I liked my bean chili more than his baked sweet potatoes since the potatoes were sweet instead of savory. We ordered some chocolate petit fours for dessert. We ordered two tofu teriyaki bowls to go for dinner and even two packs of cinnamon rolls for the breakfast at the hotel. On my way back to Texas, I ordered the mushroom burger with Daiya cheese and seasoned veggies for the side.
 photo 2047cfc5-29c6-4692-a89b-9817638f0548_zps1061540d.jpg  photo ac3cc046-0b14-4c6e-8dc3-3cf320552496_zpsaa236a9c.jpg  photo 36dc2442-72d7-46cc-8f0a-08900e31fe67_zps345e64c3.jpg  photo 9882c09f-4869-450e-a787-2e79217ed493_zps3568a4bc.jpg  photo 61df5287-9959-42b3-a053-430cdbe7e9f7_zps3cac4765.jpg  photo 5796c1d8-7515-4bf5-ae50-ed74c835a4ae_zps4cc3bb47.jpg

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