Saturday, January 18, 2014

Green Vegetarian Cuisine - Houston, TX

Yes, you read that right. Houston now has its own location of Green Vegetarian Cuisine, a small chain based in San Antonio. I've never been to San Antonio, but my friend raves about this place. Of course, I went on opening night with a friend. We ordred the nachos as an appetizer, requesting Daiya vegan cheese. She ordered the buffalo chick'n sandwich (made with Gardein) and I ordered the Big Nasty (homemade chickpea veggie patty with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, and those crunchy fake bacon bits). We split the sandwiches in half so we could try both. She got the quinoa tabouli on the side and I got the mashed potatoes with gravy. The mashed potatoes are already vegan without any modifications. For dessert, we ordered peanut butter balls (like buckeyes) and I got a peanut butter cupcake as well. We took some desserts to go, because duh, vegan desserts. I took the cookies and cream cupcake and the Hostess knockoff cupcake to go, whereas my friend took another peanut butter ball and a cupcake. Interestingly, the restaurant is vegan except for dairy cheese at lunch and dinner, but they serve eggs, half & half, and honey at breakfast. The menu is also clearly marked for gluten-free items and one of the cupcakes (vanilla flax) is gluten-free.
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