Friday, January 17, 2014

Local Foods - Rice Village, Houston, TX

I went to Local Foods for lunch with my labmate and his partner recently. It's nice when I can have lunch with them because his partner is a resident and she always has funny stories to share. I ordered the vegan chili, since it was clearly marked as vegan, and then I asked a few questions about the falafel dish. Yes, the falafel ball is vegan, but the bread and yogurt sauce are not. I got the falafel on salad, but there was dressing on the salad so I barely touched it. I don't care for dressing and I wasn't sure if it was vegan. The falafel ball and chili were good, the place was really pretty, and we got our food at lunch rush in a decent amount of time. Some of the sides sounded like they might be vegan, but I didn't ask about any of the sides though.
 photo 403ddbd0-b8fd-4c15-b8e7-ebdffd9b929b_zps3cb99af2.jpg

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