Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sublime for the Birthday Dude's Dinner

I made a reservation for Sublime restaurant after the Book of Mormon show. I went there once before and I just remembered my shepherd's pie being too salty. Other than that, I remembered the food being quite good. There aren't many vegan-friendly and fancy dinner options in FTL. I made the reservation for the dude's birthday dinner, so I wanted something fancy! He ordered the mushroom ravioli and I ordered the tofu "fish" tacos. For dessert, we split the chocolate cake with homemade coconut ice cream. We didn't even finish the cake because it was rich and we were full. He ordered a vodka-lemonade drink and I ordered a watermelon margarita since we took a cab to the restaurant. I did not tell the restaurant that it was his birthday, so there were no candles on the cake or a special song. He appreciated that. I know I get so embarrassed when the restaurant staff sings happy birthday, so I thought I'd spare him that experience! When we arrived, I made sure to mention that I was paying. He almost always pays when we go out to eat and has generally rejected my offers to pay or split the bill. I said I was paying and there was no discussion on the matter. We both enjoyed the meal and wished that there was a vegan fine dining establishment in Houston. He made a comment that we'd go there all the time if we had a vegan fine dining restaurant in Houston. I thought that was a sweet little remark. We ordered room service for breakfast before he caught his flight back. I had oatmeal, fruit, and hash browns and he ordered blueberry muffins. We enjoyed our breakfast on the balcony. I wish we could have stayed on the beach for another day or two. Don't worry, I asked the dude's permission before photographing our dinner since I didn't get photos the last time I ate at Sublime. Like an idiot, I forgot to ask the server to take our photo.
 photo 060df1ee-22d8-46de-9f1e-44ad8f25075c_zpsf83461c8.jpg  photo 1ff4698d-8ec3-4599-8471-182ced9b269a_zps6c42df35.jpg  photo 906a2e7e-8f91-48a8-a534-f4962dd87580_zpsb2893ee6.jpg

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    Really wanted to just PM you this. Hope you don't take it as spam. Your food really looks delicious and I wish I could try some!