Monday, December 2, 2013

Renaissance Festival

I went to Texas Ren Fest a couple weeks ago with some friends. Got to wear my costume that my mom mailed me for the event. Too bad the shirt is untucked and doesn't look very flattering in the photo of the group. I did get vegan falafel in the Greek area, but I didn't even snap a photo of it! I did get a photo of the amazing pineapple sorbet I bought mid-afternoon. We went to see Sound & Fury, Christophe the Insultor, belly dancers, and jousting. I thought jousting was sword-fighting, so it was a little sad to see the horses being used.
 photo fd59083a-c453-4531-ad8c-29333a176e0e_zps1c297c92.jpg  photo 87c0de74-67e2-4d10-a689-96bb5347747a_zps1d2b688f.jpg

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