Saturday, December 28, 2013

Weekend for the Birthday Dude

I'm at 198 posts for the year, so I'm going for 200! I started off the holiday break celebrating the dude's birthday. He wanted to see Book of Mormon when it came to Houston, but he was overseas for work. When he came back, we looked at tickets on a sketchy third-party website. They were the medium tier for cost, but the website would not say if the two seats were together. We decided to pass. I kept regretting not just buying them. I offered to buy him a ticket to the show when it was in North Carolina, so he could go by himself while he was visiting family. He was going to Ohio during that time, so that wasn't going to work. Interestingly the show came to Ft. Lauderdale, a few hours from my mom's house, during December! We made the 22 hour road trip over 3 days. He used his reward points to book a room at a fancy Marriott hotel in FTL. We had a room with a view of the intercoastal booked, but our early check-in got us an upgrade to a beach view! It was gorgeous. We checked in, changed clothes, and sped over to the theater. We caught the afternoon show. We had seats in the lower orchestra section. We were maybe 10 rows from the stage on the left side, so we were able to see the actors' facial expressions. It was definitely an explicit show, but we laughed a lot. We were surprised by the sheer number of senior citizens present and we saw many of them boarding fancy buses for their communities after the show. Since we went to the 2 PM show, we had some free time between the end of the show and our dinner reservation. We sat on the balcony, chatting and watching the water. I got some gorgeous shots of the beach, so that's what I'll share. Like idiots, we never managed to get a photo of us!
 photo 0da9e9bb-af9b-48f3-961b-b98c199b3b34_zps947a0103.jpg  photo a336217c-d2db-40e7-9652-78e103326983_zpsadfac35a.jpg

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