Saturday, December 14, 2013

Haven - Houston, TX

My new boss takes the group out to lunch at the holidays. It sounds like they go to a new place every year. This year's lunch spot was Haven, a little farm-to-table restaurant tucked off a major roadway. I had no idea such a cute little place existed behind the chains closer to the road. I called in advance to discuss the appropriate menu selections for a vegan. The mushroom "risotto" is made with mushroom stock and not with any dairy. I asked multiple times because actual risotto is cooked with dairy products. Nope, just mushroom stock. The vegan sides include the roasted veggies without the sauce (ew, fish sauce on veggies?!) and a sweet potato side (didn't see this on the menu). The vegan dessert option is the fruit ambrosia without the lemon curd. I didn't order a side because I thought the entree would be bigger. I would have liked a bigger portion, but the flavors were good. The texture of the crispy kale was interesting.
 photo 9172296b-ab56-487e-a75f-08871a71742f_zpsc7b6a9ee.jpg  photo 0ecd7ff8-3fee-4017-8aab-c7da3ce7b2a3_zpsca315c20.jpg

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