Thursday, October 31, 2013

Texas Veggie Fair - Food Shopping

I can't resist picking up specialty food items when I travel and the Texas Veggie Fair was no exception. We did not go to the PlantFusion booth, but Christy Morgan looked great selling protein powder to the crowd. When I went by the Vegan Cuts booth, I had hoped to meet the guy that runs Vegan Houston, but he wasn't on shift yet. There was a kombucha booth that seemed very popular, but I generally don't like tea or bitter flavors, so I passed that booth up.

Dandie's - Halloween Tweets! Also mini mallows (see last photo for those)

 photo 7d5314f8-7924-45ef-8a8a-85a70fb4532f_zps59aa50c2.jpg

Denton Vegan Co-op - Cocomels!

 photo 31722fba-f31c-4be0-aa9e-5d1e0d73cd2f_zpsbfdfab62.jpg

Vegan Cuts - $10 surprise bag. I ate the Beanfields Naco chips for lunch one day and didn't photograph them.

 photo ce82dfc3-c56a-4167-a923-ec8ac7859714_zpsb6ebab60.jpg

Rabbit Food Grocery - Soy Curls & vegan white chocolate chips (on Amazon here)

 photo c6b53069-d18d-4fe9-b925-7045ae231457_zps48450a1a.jpg

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