Friday, November 1, 2013

Texas Veggie Fair - Herbivore Clothing

I was super excited to see that Herbivore Clothing was coming to the Texas Veggie Fair. They use different t-shirt companies so each company's sizing is slightly different. I like trying on my clothes before buying them. I also called Herbivore in advance and requested a hoodie and a sign. They were planning to bring long-sleeved shirts and tees, but a vegan hoodie would be lovely. That's the best part about interacting with a small company, they really care! After shopping and eating all day, I swung back by the booth for the big tote bag. I was on the fence at the start of the day, but had enough cash left at the end of the day to afford it. :)

 photo cf4f143b-f192-4617-888c-d2b9db7a65f4_zps2ea9deff.jpg  photo 1639ff5f-187d-4cab-bbb0-31e9d4231e90_zpse848a86f.jpg  photo 99fab8bb-c0e9-40dc-9335-4871d1ed904c_zps3e1d0678.jpg

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