Saturday, November 2, 2013

Texas Veggie Fair - More Shopping & CAROL ADAMS

This will be my final post on the Texas Veggie Fair! To round out my daily shopping, I picked up another shirt and some books. I really wanted to see Carol Adams speak. I saw her name on the speaker list and knew that she wrote The Sexual Politics of Meat (on Amazon here. It's supposed to a fundamental piece of literature in the movement, so I really wanted to see her. About half-way through her talk, I realized I read one of her books in her college called Beyond Animal Rights: A Feminist Caring Ethics for the Treatment of Animals (on Amazon here). I hope to read some more of her work over the holiday season this year.

Action for Animals booth - awesome shirt!

 photo b8eac819-948e-466d-af3b-82ee4ec232fb_zpsdf335243.jpg

Books - Vegan for Life (on Amazon here) and Vegan Freak (on Amazon here)

 photo 8f4afafb-19fc-43a3-8173-98c3bdcc02d4_zps8d7a88ae.jpg

CAROL ADAMS!!!!!!!!!!

 photo 3fa4fd57-d6e6-46d1-9573-6a7d4ea6580c_zps053e5a4e.jpg

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