Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dosa Factory - Houston, TX

VSOP had dinner at Dosa Factory recently. I'd been there once before, so I was glad to return. I ordered a chettinad spicy dosa and the dude ordered the masala dosa. The masala dosa is the only one that comes in a traditional presentation, which was a bit of a surprise to us. Since the restaurant is currently offering free appetizers with each dosa purchase, we picked the Manchurian idli and onion vada. We were even given a free dessert, that soy rice pudding again. Nom nom nom.
Onion Vada

 photo 482f9659-39c0-4682-b5c2-d93ed14409df_zpse9f965ff.jpg

Manchurian Idli

 photo e9d5ef65-3bd5-40c6-922d-83b3a1ddc7c4_zpsb326e613.jpg

Masala Dosa

 photo 6babeebe-a2d6-416a-9025-9bbf8bf20089_zps1f547472.jpg

Chettinad Spicy Dosa

 photo 5a014643-3e69-47b8-9f12-0921e1c48acf_zps149af532.jpg

Rice Pudding

 photo 980dd46d-3318-45fb-97a9-12b1c8b2aef3_zps40150638.jpg

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