Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Texas Veggie Fair - Samples

As usual, there are plenty of food samples available at the Texas Veggie Fair. You could get samples of Teese cheese and Dandie's marshmallows, but I didn't photograph those. We arrived early to make sure we got the free bag at the gate. It had a surprising number of free samples in the bag! We also tried the quesadilla samples at the Whole Foods booth, some Asian entrees from Tasty Bite, and a Cedar's hummus to-go container (which we ate later in the week).

Free bag of goodies!

 photo 021a6edf-4000-43c1-80a3-e9d0a6704a7f_zpse75e033b.jpg

Whole Foods booth - quesadillas

 photo 4d08b671-8b1c-4f5b-a694-2a73dafdec85_zps1e99bc4b.jpg

Tasty Bite - microwaveable Asian entrees

 photo 5524aaf5-10cc-4a0a-9546-a96c31d46f3d_zpsc0007749.jpg

Cedar's Hummus - to-go container with gluten-free corn chips
 photo 7ff89f19-b540-40b7-ab92-e021c39b2719_zps92c4f68f.jpg

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