Friday, October 4, 2013

Banyan Foods to the Rescue!

I played indoor soccer tonight with my team. It's a hard sport, so much running since the game is shorter than outdoor soocer. I play about a quarter of our games, but I almost had a chance to score tonight. The keeper dove for the ball and I couldn't get it into the goal. 4th attempt at a goal and still nothing. *sigh* I've been working late a lot this week and today was no exception. After rushing from work to soccer, I didn't feel like cooking when I got home from soccer. I stopped at Fiesta and picked up some pre-made vegan goodies from Banyan Foods, a locally owned soy foods company. A lady at VSOP has recommended Banyan to me several times, so I finally decided to try it. I noticed that they don't use any preservatives or MSG - impressive! I bought the chipotle tofu "egg" rolls and the tofu fried rice. Banyan clearly labels everything with a giant VEGAN word, so the cashier asked me about it. I got to tell her that vegans abstain from all animal products and it's the greatest thing ever. I got home and put a few rolls in the oven to cook while I was in the shower. I microwaved the fried rice. Everything was pretty good. I'm sure this will become a regular option for lazy days, since it's two servings of food for the same cost as one meal at Chipotle. I should also note that I've seen Banyan products at Whole Foods in town too.
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