Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Texas Go Vegan Week Kick-off at Pepper Tree Buffet

The first week of October is Texas Go Vegan Week, which is sponsored by Vegan Society of PEACE. I love VSOP for being an abolitionist vegan organization and for providing me with the opportunity to make so many new friends. I have met half of my friends through VSOP and I continue to introduce myself to newcomers of the under 35 demographic. I met 4 more people at the Pepper Tree dinner last night and got their email addresses. I've already got a reply from one of the people! Pepper Tree discounted their ALL VEGAN Chinese buffet for the kick-off event of Texas Go Vegan Week. I've said it's a little bland in the past, but there was definitely more flavor this time. Rich flavors like tomatoes in the little dumplings sauce, gravy with tofu and potato cubes, and obviously soy sauce. I could have used a little squirt of sriracha, but I didn't have a clean mini container to bring in my purse. We also played vegan trivia and I won. I had 12 points and the second place person had 6 or 8. I knew a few more answers but wasn't the first person to raise my hand. I strategized and kept my hand near my chest, instead of lowering it to the table, between questions so that I could very quickly raise my hand for the next question. I knew a lot of the answers from the internet, but I definitely took a shot in the dark on the year Tofurky roast was released and actually got it right!! It's 1995. For my prize, the last one available was a gift certificate to the restaurant, which was exactly what I wanted. Pepper Tree is on the same block as the movie theater, so I wanted the gift certificate for a dinner and movie date night. I didn't have to steal anyone's prize! I'm so proud of my partner for getting a point for knowing Sinfull Bakery makes giant cinnamon rolls and he had the right answer for another question, but didn't get his hand up fast enough. We got to sit with some friends, including one who always gets a second plate like me, and overall it was a great night. :)
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