Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sunshine's Deli - Houston, TX

I really wanted to go to Sunshine's Deli during MoFo, but it didn't happen. After yesterday's Elephantopia march, I went to Sunshine's with some friends. The spicy black bean burger and nachos came highly recommended, so I ordered both. The nachos were the star! The red salsa is actually spicy and the cheese sauce is tasty, even though it's a weird shade of yellow. One of my friends ordered that too, but the other chose to get three salads from the salad case to go with his burger. I tried the almond pate. It tasted like there was some lemon juice in there, which was a surprise since it visually looks like tuna salad. I inhaled my cookies from E-dub-a-licious Treats. They were a little pricey, but they were good. From the outside, I would have never guessed there would be delicious nachos inside, but I will definitely go back for the nachos!
 photo f591073e-b4fc-410a-923f-cb4339aa4994_zps09b7b555.jpg  photo 2e069c1c-43c4-4eea-aea7-f464bfac07ad_zps48932a7f.jpg  photo d12a8301-6a85-40ed-a972-f7d11345ee5d_zps5a2d60e4.jpg  photo 9d7d0ce6-09bc-4609-b64f-59a41e680c76_zpse4350221.jpg  photo 3add3496-e570-46a4-b630-87df80acb0f7_zps9775efd0.jpg  photo 82297c40-0c07-4f51-8c8d-61d63ab055ca_zps97ea4757.jpg

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