Monday, October 14, 2013

Vegan Tres Leche Cake

This is my 505th post. I didn't even realize I passed 500. Crazy. I would say this cake is worthy of this milestone. I made a vegan tres leche cake for potluck this past weekend. I decided against trying to the layer the soaked cakes, so I just served the two cakes separately. This cake was high-anxiety at the end, but thankfully I didn't scare off my partner with my mild anxiety attack. I made two 9" sponge cakes and left them to cool, no problems there. I invited him over to hang out and then I made the caramel, which had a few crystals forming on the side of the saucepan but was generally OK. Once the caramel cooled some, I poured some on the cakes to soak in. Then, I went to make the coconut cream. I had Googled coconut whipped cream in the grocery store to pick a brand recommended by multiple, reliable blogs. The brand I picked - Native Forest - did not separate in my fridge for whatever reason, even though I had put it in the fridge the night before so it would have plenty of time to separate. I bought a can of my usual generic brand (just coconut milk and water, no chemicals or gums) and left it on the countertop. I had tried to put the Native Forest cans into the freezer after opening them. I could see a little coconut fat collecting at the rim after 20 minutes or so. I decided to just open the room temperature can of my usual brand and skim off the tiny bit of fat that separates in that can. I was able to whip it with some powdered sugar and vanilla powder to get a thin layer of cream for my two cakes. After putting this thin layer of coconut cream on top, I added more caramel. NOM NOM NOM. I was a little frustrated and anxious that the cakes would be ruined without the cream, that he'd drop them if he carried them to the car, that the box would tip over in the car, etc. Ultimately, the cakes went over really well and my little anxiety attack was unnecessary (typical). We also brought homemade tamales to the potluck. The filling had slow-cooked black beans, homemade taco seasoning, green bell pepper, de-seeded red jalapeno, onion, and garlic.
 photo e3d0f51b-dff1-48e2-8538-6482581fb000_zpsf0846c4e.jpg  photo 6e81a88b-902c-4b20-ab4e-896232f5487a_zpsf540104b.jpg

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  1. I am so sad I missed this. A few of my friends have gone ga-ga over Tres Leche and this sounds great! You totally went all out for the potluck, way to go!