Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nachos with Food for Lovers Queso

I bought this jar of Food for Lovers Queso in Austin, but just discovered that it's sold at my local Whole Foods here in Houston. It's on the bottom shelf of the salsa section. How sad. No love for the vegan queso. I made some nacho toppings using black beans left from the brownies (yeah, this was a while ago). I sauteed the veggies - multiple colors of peppers, onion, and garlic - and added black beans seasoned with homemade taco seasoning and green onions. I served this with a big dollop of queso heated in the microwave and some avocado cubes in one bowl and a bunch of tortilla chips in a second bowl. I stirred the queso into everything after the photo, then scooped up some food with the chips. Nom nom nom.
 photo c9f276c6-76b6-4d38-85c8-2333eb153de9_zps7e2a6011.jpg

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