Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Texas Veggie Fair - Entrees

At the Texas Veggie Fair, we tried several entrees. I love hearing the dude proclaim that he likes vegan items as much as the non-vegan ones. He said he doesn't miss eating meat at all, but he does still eat some dairy (yogurt and cheese, but not milk for drinking) when I'm not with him. When we saw people walking around with pizza, we knew we wanted to try it! I stuck with the basic veggie toppings, but the dude picked the vegan alfredo pizza with mushrooms and spinach. He really enjoyed the pizza, which is great since dairy cheese on pizza is sooo engrained in people. We also tried the deep-fried corn dogs, which surprisingly did not run out. The booth had a zillion packages of veggie dogs from a variety of brands, so they were working hard to keep turning out hot food to the masses. I loved the corn dog, even though I never would have eaten a corn dog as an omni. I was such a picky eater back then! Of course, we had to stop by the Spiral booth where we chose the fried zucchini po'boy because it was warm out. We skipped the gumbo but it would have been perfect at the start of the day when it was a little cooler.

Geppeto Pizza Truck - veggie pizza and alfredo pizza

 photo 5546b2bb-8b68-43c2-b462-b41f5202b213_zps0e6bcc16.jpg

Tough Cookie Bakery - deep-fried corn dogs!

 photo 982aa438-d3a1-4a26-b056-acf93b8b612c_zpse2d1c3ec.jpg

Spiral Diner - zucchini po'boy and chips

 photo 6153f2d8-340a-40ac-bc44-5518466b7c3c_zps4ebc920d.jpg

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