Monday, October 28, 2013

Texas Veggie Fair - Sweets

The dude and I attended the Texas Veggie Fair! I wanted to go last year, but didn't really know anyone to go with and it's a looong drive to Dallas. I was pumped to go this year! I'll share the photos in a few posts so it's manageable. This post will focus on sweet treats. It's no secret that I have a wicked sweet tooth, but I really enjoyed being able to split these things with the dude. We both got to try the food without feeling sick by the end of the day. I looove that he's willing to share food and let me eat off his plate! ;)

Capital City Bakery - pumpkin spice cupcake and cheesecake slice

 photo 9aec29aa-a40a-4d94-a110-250b54dcf5fb_zpsc381d76b.jpg

 photo 629ea642-cf3a-43ae-aad8-f3f4de75699b_zpscf4fdb03.jpg

Reverie Bakeshop - s'more cupcake and maple bacon chocolate donut

 photo f7334fe2-46ab-4311-a99f-5a188a356e2a_zps843b1b0c.jpg

 photo 9123d87a-330e-464f-8854-57fbbc49600c_zpsadcf6e2a.jpg

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