Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spiral Diner & Bakery - Dallas, TX

Sorry for the radio silence! Things have been so busy this month, I've barely had time to sit down in front of my computer, much less write a blog post. One of my many recent adventures was attending the Texas Veggie Fair in Dallas, TX. The dude and I travelled up to Dallas the night before the fest, so that we could eat at Spiral Diner. The food was incredible! While we were sitting at our table, we saw two other people from Houston's VSOP at the restaurant! We knew a few of our friends were planning to go, but it was surprise running into more VSOP folks. We ordered the chips with dip sampler, which came with salsa, guac, and cashew queso. The queso was the best and it was warm, perfect for us since it was chilly out that evening. The dude ordered the El Paso burger with the classic patty and I ordered the seitan philly cheesesteak sandwich. We split the burger and sandwich into halves and each had a half for our meal. He ordered the potato salad as the side, which had all the flavors of potato salad in mashed potato form, and I ordered the pasta salad, which seemed to have an avocado-based dressing instead of vegan mayo. We barely touched our sides since we ate so many chips. We wanted to try the pumpkin cheesecake i-scream made in house, but that seasonal flavor was out. We picked the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream instead. I heard that Spiral makes a milkshake with red velvet cake blended in, but that was just a special item in the past. I really wanted to order that, but I couldn't. Oh well, the cookie dough ice cream was still delicious. Spiral also serves breakfast on Sunday mornings starting at 9. We went for breakfast before the fest, because we knew we weren't going to make it until 11 without a bite to eat. The hotel breakfast didn't look very vegan-friendly, and the vegetarian dude didn't want to eat in front of me without me having something to eat. (He almost always eats vegan with me.) We arrived about 15 minutes before Spiral opened, because I was expecting a long line of out-of-towners. Nope, it was just us and one other person waiting. The dude ordered the biscuits and gravy with sausage patties, but he seemed surprised by the white gravy. I ordered the pancake shortstack, thinking they'd be little pancakes like I make at home. They were as big as the plate! We had tofu scramble and hashbrowns too. We felt so bad not finishing our food, but we also didn't want to be too stuffed for the fest. If we ever return to Dallas, we know we should order a pancake or two and another breakfast entree to split between us. I would HIGHLY recommend going to Spiral if you're in Dallas!
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  1. I love Spiral Diner! I haven't tried the biscuits and gravy -- they look great!