Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is here!

With St. Patrick's Day last week, I really wanted to make something that had green ingredients in it. I have seen lots of desserts with green, but I wanted a meal. I surprisingly finally found vegan English muffins at the grocery store. The generic Publix brand are vegan! I snagged a couple containers and made my way over to produce, knowing immediately that I wanted some type of pizza on these English muffins. I decided to layer tomato sauce, spinach, and basil tofu ricotta from VwaV. I added Italian seasoning, onion powder, and garlic powder to the tomato sauce. I know this looks funny, but it was so delicious and unbelievably healthier than dairy-laden pizza.


On Saturday, I went to see a spring training game between the Florida Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals. Both teams use Roger Dean Stadium for spring training. The game was okay (baseball isn't really my thing), but I enjoyed the company of Cristin, Jess, Julie, and Alicia. I had on sunscreen so I fortunately did not get a sunburn. The game did make me extremely tired, so I didn't make it to my friend's defense celebrations in the evening.


Being extremely tired, I did not feel up to cooking so I hit up the Whole Foods hot bar. They had seitan fajitas with Daiya cheese on top, which looked dry, and no appropriate sides for fajitas, other than baked plantains. I chose Indian food instead, filling my container with a layer of basmati rice and various dishes. From the top left going clockwise, it's baingan aloo (eggplant and potatoes), spinach saag (creamed spinach), Madras curry vegetables, and channa masala (curried chickpeas). If I could live on two foods for the rest of my life, it would be tofu and chickpeas.


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