Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Belated Pi Day!

So I know I missed Pi Day yesterday, but I totally forgot to go to my appointment on PGA near Whole Foods. I knew that if I was on PGA, I would stop and get this little "pi" that I had my eye on for the last several visits. I was able to reschedule for today without any penalty fees (since the doctor didn't show up for a previous appointment when I did show up). We'll get to the sweet treat in a few lines. :)

Tonight's dinner was slightly less lazy tacos. I sauteed some chickpeas with sweet peppers and taco seasoning. I stuffed that into store-bought taco shells and added romaine lettuce. Of course, I have to serve tacos with fat-free refried beans. The little brown circle on the bottom left is dessert.


It's a smores original by Sweet & Sara!! It tastes like a smores meets a moon pie!! Yummy!! Look at this thing - it was delicious!!


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