Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Busy Weekend

This weekend was the second recruitment weekend for my program. Only 6 prospective students were visiting, so it was much easier to keep track of everyone this time. :) Here's a quick recap:

- Thursday: Dinner at Yard House. Last time, I ordered the crispy orange Gardein chick'n, so I decided to get the chick'n veggie rice bowl this time. My recruit was very talkative and friendly, so I had a great time talking with him.
- Friday: Interviews and Night Out. The prospective students have interviews all day, followed by a mixer. The mixer had a taco bar this time, which was suprisingly good. We took them to Crab House after a short break at the hotel. I don't know why we served two dinners essentially, but at least we didn't under-feed them like last time! After Crab House, we walked over to Square Grouper. It was a fun time with the most of the recruits going home after closing. Some hosts decided to keep partying and they went to Jumby Bay and NY Bar & Grill.
- Saturday: Boating and West Palm Beach. We chartered a deep sea fishing boat again, but through a different company this time. We got really lucky to see a leatherback turtle! (Click here for info on leatherback turtles.) Students were able to catch several different species of fish, so they were happy and generally not seasick. For dinner, we went to BB King's again. However, since we had a smaller group to manage, we decided to check out other bars in City Place. We went from BB King's to Wet Willie's (a daiquiri bar) and to Blue Martini. I left after that, because a recruit was tired and I was tired of watching a new transfer student bat her eyes at my ex and try to flirt with him. (She was grabbing at his shirt on Friday night too, with him pushing her hand away periodically.) Apparently, the rest stayed out dancing a bit and then returned to the hotel in two groups, with one group going swimming and into the hot tub. There is a possibility some hosts passed out at the hotel...

Photo Credit: ScienceBlogs.

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