Tuesday, March 22, 2011

La Bamba - Jupiter, FL

On Sunday, I had lunch at one of my favorite places - La Bamba! I always order the vegetable fajitas. In fact, I've never ordered anything else! I order a side of yellow rice so I can layer rice, veggies, lettuce, and guacamole in the warm tortillas. I discovered this place driving around one night looking for a place to eat, and everyone I've told about it just loves it as well. Score one for veggie fajitas for MeatOut 2011!


Also, there are some contests going on that I'd like to participate in, so I'm posting links here as entries. The first contest is hosted by Bianca of Vegan Crunk where the prize is a copy of Speed Vegan. The second contest is hosted by Matthew of Vegan Heartland where the prizes range from coupons to free goodies. I about jumped for joy when I saw his comment that So Delicious will be releasing a vegan Greek yogurt. I see that in recipes all the time, but I always dread the possibility of draining plain unsweetened Wildwood to get a thicker consistency like Greek yogurt. Personally, I want to win the Wayfare coupon for a free item or the original Parma flavor. We'll see if I win anything! :)


  1. Hey! Thanks for posting the link! And those fajita fillins look fantastic!!

  2. Thanks for the contests & comments! I hope I win something. :)