Saturday, September 7, 2013

Vegan MoFo #7: Vegan Comfort Pop-Up Brunch - Houston, TX

Vegan Comfort is a local business run by Chef Sabali. She made the seitan main dish for last year's Thanks-living event and she gave a food demo on making chocolate-avocado pudding at VSOP last year too. When her facebook page showed that she was hosting a pop-up brunch, I immediately bought a ticket. The ticket was discounted for early birds too. Once I saw the menu included french toast, I knew it was money well spent. I've never had vegan french toast, because I never liked the eggy taste of regular french toast. I got one piece of french toast, since it was slow to be served, but I enjoyed the rest of the buffet. The buffet also had eggplant bacon, fresh fruit, tofu scramble, hummus wraps (in tortillas and collard greens), sweet potato hash browns, and mimosas. I purchased two tickets expecting the guy I'm seeing to go with me, but he landed in Dubai this morning and was scheduled to be in Iraq for a week for work. Thankfully, his company decided to videoconference from Dubai, so he will not be going to Basra! Worst timing ever with all the chaos in Syria! I found another vegan friend who wanted to go, so the ticket wasn't wasted at least.
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