Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vegan MoFo #15: Vegan Potluck with VSOP

Every second Saturday of the month, Vegan Society of Peace hosts a potluck. VSOP is the ethical vegan organization in Houston and a great place to network with vegans and veg-curious folks. For example, one of the board members organized a Meetup group in Katy, a suburb of Houston just outside the 610 loop. The VSOP founders are abolitionist vegans, so many of our monthly discussions are about the use of animals in entertainment (rodeo, circus, aquatic parks), consumption, and testing, but the organization does promote the environmental and health benefits of the vegan lifestyle too. We want to provide everyone with information and support as they explore veganism. Many people are vegan or mostly plant-based eaters, but we do get the veg-curious on a regular basis. We currently rent a church banquet room near Rice University. Ever since the Vegfest in June, the crowds are growing! I always, always bring dessert. It's my thing. I made a black bean brownies using a recipe created by the owner of Ripe, a pop-up cafe at the Sunday farmers' market. Stephanie gave a talk in the TMC library recently and she served these brownies. When I made them, they were fudgier on the bottom, possibly needing more time in the oven than listed in the recipe. Overall, it was another successful potluck with discussion on Texas Go Vegan Week, The Elephant in the Living Room screening at UH in October, the Elephantopia walk for elephants, and a petition and protest against the Great Bull Run. I go to VSOP every month because you never know who you will meet. I met another vegan working in the medical center yesterday and her blog is absolutely gorgeous.
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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I will have to try out those brownies myself. They were very good and hers look very fudgy, too.

    The Elephant in the Living Room is on Netflix so we're going to watch it tonight. Looks like a great documentary.