Monday, September 30, 2013

Vegan MoFo #30: Dosa Factory - West Houston, TX

The Dosa Factory had their grand opening tonight! I saw a friend's fb post about the soft opening, so I figured I'd drive over for some dosa. It's just outside the loop, so it's not far at all. For the grand opening, the special was buy a dosa and get a vada, idli, or tasty bite for free. The owner was very helpful in suggesting various things and answering my questions about ingredients. The place is vegetarian, so unless it clearly has cheese or butter listed on the menu it should be vegan. There's also only a tiny bit of gluten in many things, but they're working on eliminating that bit of gluten from their recipes. It's always good to interact with a manager or owner when asking questions. I ordered TWO dosas, which was a ton of food with the specials, but I only photographed one since they essentially look the same. With some help, I selected the madurai masala (a cauliflower version of masala dosa, which would be lighter than the potatoes), the chettinad spicy dosa, the gobi manchurian, and the Chinese idli. The owner gave me a free rice kheer (rice pudding dish made with soy milk and cardamon). Nom nom nom. I will definitely return! Now I'm heading to bed after stuffing myself with so much food. :)
 photo bd99d4dc-3d0b-4a74-9c50-744826ced5b8_zpsc12d5841.jpg  photo 12218a85-631c-459b-a3d8-cd91fb236592_zps8b3bd739.jpg  photo fcba6a72-17f4-40b8-a4aa-ad1dabe4a862_zpse6365000.jpg  photo fdf3ec31-5284-4b90-a7ad-44f51e2a5c75_zps38b1d39b.jpg  photo 400x84_g1_zps3b85a5a4.jpg

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