Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vegan MoFo #12: Pei Wei - Central Houston, TX

Some of my friends wanted to watch football at BW3, which is definitely not vegan-friendly. I was with another person and the place I picked was closed. Pei Wei was nearby and definitely open, so we headed there. I thought this was going to be like Panda Express, where they scoop pre-made food into take-out containers. Nope! Pei Wei makes the food when you order and they have real silverware, plates, and water glasses. I was surprised. The menu is marked with little green leaves for meals that can be made vegetarian when tofu and veggies are used instead of meat. A quick Google search on my iPhone led me to believe this would be vegan choices. I picked the spicy Korean tofu and veggies. The tofu was so, so good! I honestly wouldn't have believed this was a from a quick-serve type of restaurant if I wasn't there in person. Again, I got to practice my chopstick skills! This isn't exactly close to where I live, but it's good to know that a chain like Pei Wei has vegan options!
 photo defe27b2-bcfa-4b2b-9597-e9c3fddbe064_zps1de4b41d.jpg  photo 400x84_g1_zps3b85a5a4.jpg

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