Sunday, September 22, 2013

Vegan MoFo #22: Fadi's - West Houston, TX

The other night it was incredibly rainy, so the guy and I decided to drive really far away for dinner. Smart plan, right? We went to Fadi's outside the 610 loop. [Click that link at your own risk. When I searched for Fadi's on Google, the search result said the site could be hacked.] He ordered the falafel plate with some hummus and various salad sides. I got the vegetarian sampler requesting no dairy products to make it vegan. The sampler plate comes with small portions of 15 different items! I wish it had falafel. The first pita is free, but additional pitas cost 50 cents. I took just one pita because I had so much other food. My favorite thing was the walnut and roasted pepper dip called muhammara. Nom nom nom. The green beans with stewed tomatoes were also really good. Noted for future home cooking. ;)
 photo 1373d72d-e3bb-457f-9544-34220d37d3f3_zpsadebb06f.jpg  photo 400x84_g1_zps3b85a5a4.jpg

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