Friday, September 27, 2013

Vegan MoFo #27: Lucy's Ethiopian Food - West Houston, TX

I decided to venture outside the loop for Ethiopian food. I've heard great things about Lucy Ethiopian from a friend. I had Ethiopian food for the first time in Austin at VegFest. It's naturally a veggie-heavy cuisine. I also read online that teff flour used to make enjera is iron-rich. Sounds like a pretty healthy choice to me! I ordered the Vegetarian 7 combo. It comes with Kik Alitcha (yellow split peas), Atkilt Alitcha (cabbage, potatoes, and carrots), Foselya Watt (green beans, but I think it looked like okra), Yemisir Watt (red lentils), Gomen Watt (collard greens), Kay Sere (beets), a brown lentil dish or green split dish that I don't see on the menu now, a salad, and lots of injera. Since I ordered such a large combo, I got the leftovers to take home for another meal. I loved this meal and the restaurant is really nice on the inside. There was a couple eating while I was there during the week, but the restaurant has a little lounge and a bar that seems like a cool place to have a drink after dinner one night. I spoke with one of the employees briefly and he said they have jazz music on the weekends. That sounds like a great time. I definitely thought this meal was worth the drive, because I even enjoyed the beets! (The last time I had beets I thought they tasted like dirt.)
 photo d39d6b1c-5c93-4b7d-b31c-c9999ff879dd_zpsbc56ae93.jpg  photo 400x84_g1_zps3b85a5a4.jpg

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