Thursday, September 5, 2013

Vegan MoFo #5: Van Loc Vietnamese - Midtown, Houston, TX

Another suggestion from the Vegan Houston facebook page was Van Loc Vietnamese in Midtown. The page moderator said that he thinks the tofu is made in house. I didn't ask about that, but it was quite good. Not too firm, but definitely not the squishy kind you get at some Asian restaurants. I ordered the spicy tofu with lemongrass. There was a little heat, but it wasn't overwhelming. I was able to take the leftovers for lunch at my new job, sparking a conversation about veganism. I'm always trying to live by example and spreading the word about how easy it is to live compassionately. :)
 photo 69b9c4a1-bd41-4e28-8d70-e68adb119ca2_zpsa3cb3825.jpg  photo 400x84_g1_zps3b85a5a4.jpg


  1. I love it when people randomly ask me about veganism and they are honestly interested and not just trying to be jerks :) I'm glad this yummy meal helped spark your co-workers interest!

  2. It's nice for me to make it clear that this is for the animals, all other benefits are secondary but awesome to me. They tease me for eating healthy since I usually pack hummus, seed crackers, baby carrots, a piece of fruit, and water for lunch. I tell them all about how I eat cupcakes, pizza, and other vegan goodies on the weekends. I do take a diet soda to work everyday, but they don't seem to notice that. Another friend recently described me as trying to live by example, although I think I sound militant when pressed.