Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tofu Popcorn Chick'n

Since I wrote that post yesterday about using up the tamale leftovers, I realized I never mentioned what I served with the leftover mac and cheese. The baked mac and cheese recipe in Chloe's Kitchen makes a large pan, so it took me 5 dinners to make it through all that food! The first three servings were with the BBQ soy curls (posted here), but the last two servings were with tofu popcorn chick'n. I made the tofu popcorn chick'n as a half recipe each night so that it would be fresh. The flavor was good, but I liked the chick'n better when I rolled the tofu chunks in bread crumbs after dipping in the recipe's batter. I served the tofu chick'n and mac and cheese with some frozen broccoli (my go-to quick vegetable side choice!).
 photo da05882b-5213-4669-acf3-6f8c2e259430_zps8ef6d271.jpg

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