Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lentil & Poblano Pepper Tacos

When I made tamales, I used a recipe that had a filling and the masa dough. I didn't use the filling to make tamales, but the recipe looked pretty good. It had lentils, peppers, onion, and corn. Looked like a yummy combo, so I decided to make it into taco filling. I cooked my lentils from scratch. Instead of using canned/jarred peppers, I cut up a couple poblano peppers until I reached 2 cups volume. I used a jalapeno for some heat. I put the cooked lentils and raw diced peppers into a container to store in the fridge for a couple days. Yay advance prep work! I sauteed the onion, then added the lentil/pepper mix to the skillet. I sprinkled on a little homemade taco seasoning. While that was cooking, I warmed up my taco shells and made guacamole. This was pretty filling, but I still had a few cookies for dessert! I had to take my cat in for an ultrasound on her GI tract. Since she had stomach surgery, she's been vomiting a lot, sometimes with hairballs, and not having regular bowel movements. Turns out that her GI motility is decreased in the stomach and small intestine, so she was vomiting because her stomach was too full. The vet gave an injection to reduce the nausea, as well as pills to stimulate the motility. Her large intestine has excess gas, so she's taking a probiotic powder with her wet food. I've been giving her daily Laxatone as well to prevent hairballs. I'm hoping we're on the road to recovery for good this time! :)
 photo c94b0118-4090-49cf-8b08-9c6b69451dfe_zps240be1d4.jpg


  1. This looks so good! I've been wanting to make lentil tacos, maybe this is the formula I'll finally use.

    Hope your cat gets better, I can't stand seeing mine not feel well.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. She's taking FortiFlore probiotic powder, Cispramide for the motility, and Laxatone for hairballs daily. She seems to be doing really well! She's even been pooping daily now, in addition to not vomiting! I think she's really on the mend for now. I'm concerned about when we stop the cispramide prescription, but that's a week or more away.

    This is great filling, but I also liked this one that I made in 2011.

    1. Cisapride for the motility** Don't know where I came up with Cispramide, that's the wrong name!