Monday, May 6, 2013

Random Bowl

I have a bunch of stuff left from the tamale meal in the fridge. I decided to make some cilantro lime rice, cooking up rice as usual in the rice cooker and then sprinkling in some lime juice, cilantro, and salt after it was done cooking. I only added stuff to the amount of rice I was going to eat, because I didn't want the lime juice to make the rice for tomorrow's dinner gross somehow. I had the rice, some of the leftover black bean tamale filling, an avocado, and some sauteed veggies (chopped spinach, diced cherry tomatoes, and cubed zucchini and squash). Simple and I already paid for it. ;)
 photo 3494ee56-c423-47bc-a5f2-908346cbeca5_zpscaeef74e.jpg

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