Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I'm a vitamin addict. I found out one of my supposedly vegan vitamins was not actually vegan. They were marked vegetarian, but the WF employee assured me that they were vegan. I didn't look into it and recently discovered they use sheep's wool to make lanolin, which is a precursor to synthetic vitamin D3. The company was feeding the lanolin to algae and calling that vegetarian. Ugh. I'm now taking Mega Food's vegan daily vitamin, a vitamin D2 supplement (D2 is usually the safer vegan option for vitamin D), and an iron/B12 combo. The vegan daily does have iron, but only 75% of the daily recommended amount. I've been keeping my iron in the good range taking 122%, so I'll need to consider if I need the 200% the two supplements provide together.
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