Friday, May 3, 2013

Snacking Vegan Style

It is no secret that I love snacking. Before Beverly moved away, she brought me a jar of salted caramel from Sweet Ritual in Austin, TX. I served it over chocolate ice cream by So Delicious. The coconut ice creams are better than the soy ice creams.
 photo 0ccd50e2-c560-4951-8051-9fa16480a5ae_zpse7bdde18.jpg

I was in Louisiana last weekend for the wedding of my two friends. They've been dating off and on for 7 years. They've been together the last few years without an off period and they finally tied the knot last weekend. One of my favorite things about spring and summer in Louisiana is the sno-ball. It's a shaved ice treat, but the ice is a very specific texture. It's soft and fluffy almost, not chunky like a sno-cone. I had to try the King Cake flavor!
 photo c607b542-f259-4d70-bf13-db3f77b9d906_zpsd9a1edff.jpg

I scratched my throat on a piece of crusty baguette bread in Louisiana, which made my throat sore most of this week. I haven't been remotely sick in 6 years, so I was a little cranky and paranoid about getting seriously ill. The last time I was sick, I had to go through 5 rounds of antibiotics, use an inhaler and a nasal spray, and take codeine and cold meds PM to sleep. I had fluid in my lung. After stopping by the clinic at work to ensure that I didn't have strep, flu, or bug germs (from a bug found in the take-out bag from that sandwich!), I went by the little cafe for a ginger ale, a banana, and Nature Valley PB bars (surprisingly honey-free!). In addition to having a sore throat, I had to take my cat back to the vet for vomiting. Looks like it's just hairballs, which may become an issue now that the hair bands aren't in her stomach to catch loose hair. Definitely a rough week!
 photo 13e940ad-6c4e-4423-9e35-1ac8d78b593f_zps8c766ffd.jpg

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