Saturday, May 18, 2013

Beyond Meat Pot Pie

There is a new faux chick'n product out called Beyond Meat. I've read reviews about it that were really positive, but one of my friends gave it an OK review when it was served at a local pizza place. I didn't intend to try it anytime soon, but I saw a $1 off coupon on facebook. When I went to my local Whole Foods to buy a pack, it was marked as a sale item with $1 off. With $2 in savings, I figured I had to buy it for $1.99! That's cheaper than any other fake meat product. Period. Even a bag of Gardein is $5-$7. I recently saw a recipe for potpie on Vegan Heartland that got me considering Beyond Meat as something to buy. Once I picked up the package, I knew I was going to make that potpie! I decided to use solid coconut oil instead of shortening, so I basically had a biscuity crumble topping and a bottom layer pressed into the pan. Not exactly the crust as intended in the recipe, but I couldn't bring myself to use 1 cup of shortening for a dish I would be eating by myself as two dinners. The Beyond Meat strips were tasty, but a little soft. I was expecting a little more texture, even though they are chewy. They do look meaty though. I chopped them into cubes and they almost looked like precooked chicken cubes. Weird! This potpie was tasty! Don't judge that I'm using a square pan, I need my pie pan for tomorrow's dessert. :)
 photo 5635fddf-0d60-4aea-a394-3e12724ab805_zps2751bc98.jpg

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  1. Looks great! They were sampling Beyond Meat at WF locations around Houston this week, with $1.00 off coupons and a sale on the product.