Monday, May 20, 2013

Eli's Earth Bars

I've seen Eli's Earth Bars several times in the Whole Foods' candy aisle, but the name makes them sound like health food. They're actually candy bars! I learned this on Food Fight's facebook page last week. There are two bars at my store - peanuts/peanut butter/caramel/chocolate and almonds/coconut/caramel/chocolate. The coconut almond bar was my favorite, because it reminded me a lot of a Samoas cookies. The peanut bar reminded me of a Snickers since it had big chunks of nuts in it. I'll buy these again since my WF store no longer carries Go Max Go bars. :)
 photo b6978c26-4e49-4a9d-b2cc-7a28452dddbd_zpsfbd1fc8a.jpg

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