Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crispy Orange Tofu

Another recipe from Chloe's Kitchen! That book is pretty incredible. The last time I made crispy tofu, I used coconut oil and the tofu didn't brown nicely. It was crispy, but it didn't turn brown. To make this recipe, I used a little bit of canola oil and the tofu browned beautifully. I fried all the tofu, but only added back half of the tofu to the pan to mix with the sauce. I didn't want soggy leftover tofu. Served over rice with frozen broccoli. (Can you tell I buy the frozen broccoli in bulk at Costco?) I also added half of a green bell pepper lurking in the fridge to the dish.
 photo 1e197152-da9f-49c3-a640-ecf42f2d7a16_zps47a1854a.jpg

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