Wednesday, October 29, 2014

VEGAN RAMEN!!!! T's Tantan in Tokyo Station

A couple friends told us to try T's Tantan in Tokyo Station before we even arrived in Japan. Ramen is an easy find in Japan, but the broth is generally made with fish or other meat. The dude is less strict about byproducts like animal broths, but won't eat meat, and I'm a devoted vegan. The dude met another American at a vegan meetup event. We met for dinner at T's for vegan ramen. The dude ordered a ramen bowl that looked more traditional, I picked one with a cream sauce under the noodles. We got the set meals with a ramen bowl and a side bowl of rice with a topping. I picked fried soy nuggets and he picked curry. This place had a line waiting at the door, and now we know why! The food was delicious!
Ramen and curry from T's Tan Tan in Tokyo station - so cool to see an all vegan spot with such a long line! Vegan ramen at T's Tan Tan in Tokyo Station - there was a line out the door! This ramen had a creamy sauce instead of broth.

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