Saturday, October 25, 2014

Roppongi Hills

We went to Roppongi thinking we'd have dinner at The Pink Cow, they had a buffet set up and we wanted veggie burgers with fries. We decided to walk down the street to Chien-Fu in Roppongi for vegetarian Chinese food. After dinner, we went to the Roppongi Hills mall. There are Halloween decorations inside designed in collaboration with Tim Burton. I loooove Tim Burton, I saw an exhibit devoted to his work at the LA County Museum of Art several years ago. The mall has a Japanese garden and you can see Tokyo Tower from the garden. We walked around Roppongi for a bit before heading home.
Fried buns at Chen-Fu in RippongiThe Halloween decorations at Roppongi Hills (a giant mall with a museum and garden) are designed in collaboration with Tim Burton!!1545761_10105208077662463_7791311344711485327_n

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