Friday, October 17, 2014

Farmers' Market Misc

We saw a couple booths with signs that said No Pesticides. In the natural foods market, we saw the word organic on several labels on the shelves. I don't know if it's regulated the same way it is in the US. We also passed a booth with kale!! A good vegan knows where to buy kale. ;) We picked up a flyer at the market that appears to be advertising a vegan festival. On our walk to the natural foods market, we passed a coffee shop with a sign out front advertising fall varieties. I guess some trends are universal. I read on Google that Halloween is celebrated in central Tokyo with people wearing costumes out in Shibuya. I still was happy to see Halloween advertised though, it's always such a fun holiday. :)
No pesticides! We did see organic labels in a market, but I don't know how strict the labels are here.Vegans have to know where to buy kale. ;)Sounds like a vegan festival is coming soon!Fall flavor mania strikes Tokyo. ;)

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