Monday, October 27, 2014


After spending 1 hr on 2 trains and a bus, we made it to Costco! Fruit is expensive in Japan, particularly berries, so I wanted to get frozen berries. We also haven't been able to find dairy-free chocolate chips at the markets nearby. A vegan blog said Costco had vegan chocolate chips here, which I knew they had in the US. The dude wanted the chocolate chips for cookies. We also picked up some spices, flour, salsa, frozen french fries, vegan margarine, cashews, and popcorn kernels. We put everything into backpacks and tote bags to make the trek home. We were worn out by the time we got home, but it was so worth it. Next time we need something from Costco, I might go by myself during the day time to avoid crowds on the train... And I might bring a bag with wheels!
2 trains, 1 bus, and 1 hr later, we arrived at the mythical Costco. Scored great deals on vegan choc chips and frozen fruit!I wanted to go to Costco for frozen berries. Score!Vegan choc chips from Costco!! So happy!!

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